Lead the Charge: Become an Opportunity Employer

Welcome! Your next step on the path to addressing your most critical talent needs starts here. Explore the site and use our Navigator to understand how to support your employees and strengthen your business by operationalizing your values of equity, anti-racism, and economic opportunity.

Use the Navigator to Discover Your Next Step in Opportunity Employment

This Navigator will help you understand proven practices in Opportunity Employment that lead to positive outcomes for employees and for your business. Your individualized results will highlight which areas you’ve mastered and in which areas you have the most potential to make valuable changes, and connect you to the resources you need to make them. The path to becoming an Opportunity Employer doesn’t happen overnight but taking one step at a time can lead to meaningful and tangible change for your company and your employees.

The Navigator is designed for individuals with knowledge of your company’s HR policies and practices, and should take no more than 15 minutes.

Learn How Companies are Benefiting from Opportunity Employment

Leading companies are seeing significant business benefits – such as reduced turnover, improved retention, and increased diversity and employee engagement – as a result of implementing Opportunity Employment practices.