About Navigator

This Navigator will help you understand the best practices in Opportunity Employment, how you might work on them at your company, and which resources are right for you.

Why Does Opportunity Employment Matter?

Opportunity Employment practices are designed to help companies leverage their role as employers to promote economic justice, driven by racial and gender equity, in America, while addressing pressing talent needs. Employers have a unique opportunity to lead the charge toward a more equitable society by prioritizing equity, inclusion, opportunity, and mobility within their organizations. In doing so, organizations also build business value through increased diversity, retention, employee engagement and satisfaction, and improved brand reputation.

A Tool to Help Employers

The Opportunity Navigator can help you create a customized road map for achieving business and social impact through Opportunity Employment. The navigator is rooted in a set of industry-agnostic, evidence-based best practices for employers that are validated by academics and practitioners.

Who Helped Define Opportunity Employment?

Check out the community of experts that helped define Opportunity Employment.

Opportunity Navigator™ was co-developed and maintained in partnership with Grads of Life through 2022. We are grateful for their leadership in Opportunity Employment.